AMADEO MARAÑÓN / Wineries and Vineyards / Mendoza, Argentina
AMADEO MARAÑÓN / Wineries and Vineyards / Mendoza, Argentina
Through the Fairtrade and DLG certifications, Marañón has succeeded not only in
adhering to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, but also in providing
quality, health and transparency to our wines, from vineyards to consumers and
having a more conscious caring for the environment.

May 2008
The purchase of footwear for the children of workers in our farms and for poor kids from Combate Picheuta School took place.

July 2008
Part of the funds obtained were used to carry out improvements in Patricio Sguazzini School, where many employee’s children from the Jocolí farm attend classes. Some of the works included: the closing of the area of the gas tank, the construction of a sandbox for children, the purchase of floor tiles to fix the basketball court, painting of the external surface of the school, and the purchase of items used for recreational

activities such as balls, gymnastic mats and swings.

September 2008
During september, Fairhills helped a soccer school, Pichones de Crack’s, from Costa de Araujo. To do this, sport equipment was bought like balls, cones and soccer t-shirts. In this school, the teacher, Oscar Chacon, looks after the physical development of the children as well as the academic development. Depending on their marks at school, they are allowed or not to play in the team. It is a great initiative from the teacher so that all the children are responsible and have, as a reward, the chance to participate in the team.

AMADEO MARAÑÓN / Wineries and Vineyards / Mendoza, Argentina
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